Jules Charles Rozier French, 1821-1882


Jules Rozier was one of the younger of the first generation of Barbizon painters, almost ten years younger than Rousseau. He studied painting under Bertin, who trained the young man in the typical academic style of landscape. Like most of the Barbizon painters, however, Rozier preferred to travel the countryside and paint from nature. Rather than idealize the landscape, Rozier would depict, quite naturally, the land and surroundings as he saw them and his later images were romanticized and can be compared to works by Corot and Daubigny. He exhibited in the Salon from 1839 to 1889 when he passed away in Versailles.

Museums and Public Collections

Musée d’Aix

Musée de Clamecy

Musée de Dieppe

Musée de La Rochelle

Musée de Nantes

Musée de Reims

Musée de Saint-Lo

Musée de Saumur

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