Théodule Ribot French, 1823-1891


Greatly influenced by Velasquez, Theodule Ribot was a master in the use of Chiaroscuro. This technique was the use of heightened light and dark in a canvas to achieve both drama and depth. This technique coupled with his masterful ability to lay down a definitive stroke of paint, creates even in a small floral such as this, a sophistication and style that was all his own.


Ribot studied art at the School of Arts and Crafts in Châlons, France and struggled financially to begin his career as a serious painter for many years, working as a decorator of window coverings and working in the atelier of Glaize before he debuted at the Paris Salon in 1861. He won numerous medals at the Salons throughout the years and was made a knight of the Legion of Honor in 1878

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