Germain Théodore Ribot French, 1845-1893


Germain-Théodore Ribotreceived instruction from his father and he also trained under Antoine Vollon, another important 19th Century French artist. It seems that Germain followed in his father's footsteps in regards to an affection for still lifes. He exhibited them regularly at the Salons of Paris from 1870 to 1883 and received awards for his work. He was a master in terms of his use of light to set a strong contract between the subject and the background.


His work reflects the best influences of both his masters: a confident painterly brushstroke from Vollon, and a dramatic contrast in light and shadow from his father. It is likely that Ribot was acquainted with the still lifes of Edward Manet, his contemporary. In both artists' work can be seen in the richly painted surfaces and elegant simplicity of design.

Works in Public Collections

Still Life with Dead Birds and a Basket of Oysters, Cleveland Museum of Art

Les Marmitons, York Museums Trust

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