Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux French, 1827-1875


The son of a humble bricklayer Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux was one of the greatest sculptors of the nineteenth century during the Second Empire under Napoleon III.  Initially trained under the Romantic sculptor Francois Rude at the Ėcole des Beaux-Arts, Carpeaux influenced an entire generation of sculptors to come including his pupil Rodin with his use of deep shadow. Ironically, Rodin and Carpeaux had their works done in large editions during their lifetime and afterwards.  This practice led to their being very well recognized by the public, yet at the same time, created confusion as to when works were cast, in what numbers, and at what date.

Museums and Public Collections

Antoine Watteau Monument, Valenciennes

City Hall, Valenciennes

Jardin du Luxembourg, Carpeaux Fountain

Louvre Museum, Paris, Pavillon de Flore

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Musée d’Ajaccio

Musée de Bayonne

Musée de Bourges

Musée de Dieppe

Musée de Hambourg

Musée de Lille

Musée du Havre

Musée de Nancy

Musée de Troyes

Musée d’Orsay

Musée de Valenciennes (Musée Carpeaux)

Opera Garnier

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