Christopher Armstrong American, b. 1967


"Chris Armstrong paints with the grace and confidence of considerable training and well-distilled purpose. Armstrong's pictures are most agreeable to look at, but he has, in addition, both a conscience and a nervously weird eye on the world and its people. The who, and where that he offers are isolated, quietly perilous, and subconsciously full of warning. They are also alive and ever so slightly promising of connection and hope. Armstrong has a unique and dangerously honest vision, and he renders it with disarming precision."

—Frederick G. Dillen, author of Hero and Fool

Christopher Armstrong is a young American realist painter who specializes in portraying the ocean with all its vagaries and vicissitudes. His paintings are often so realistic that one can almost feel the roll of the waves and the spray of the surf. His love of the sea is reflected in these over-sized works that seem to mimic the vastness of the oceans themselves. The artist in his own words explains:

"Every day, I have contact with the ever-changing dynamics of the ocean," he says."I paint the sea not only as I see it but as I think it. The process of creative production requires one to be disciplined, specifically with regards to generating and focusing of energy."

Chris Armstrong studied painting and art history in Florence, Italy before receiving his BA from Bucknell University. After graduation Armstrong went on to receive his MFA from NYU where he won the school's MVP award and exhibited at Washington Square East Galleries. He lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts with his wife Tatiana and their daughter Lily. He co-presides over North Mountain Press, a fine art publishing company specializing in the work of his late father American realist David Armstrong. The younger Armstrong's work was selected for the U.S. State Department's "Art in Embassies Exhibition."

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Beth Urdang Gallery, Boston

2009 Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT

2008 Ocean Paintings. Morrison Gallery, CT

2008 Beth Urdang Gallery, Boston

2007 Beth Urdang Gallery, Boston

2005 Recent Work. Morrison Gallery, CT

2004 Ocean Paintings. Beth Urdang Gallery, Boston

2003 Figures. Paris-New York-Kent Gallery, Kent CT


Group Exhibitions

2010 Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2010 Gallery Henoch, New York, NY

2010 Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, TX

2009 Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA

2009 Art of the 20th Century, New York, NY

2009 Craighead Green Gallery, TX

2008 Meyer East Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2008 Santa Fe International Art Fair

2008 Morrison Gallery, CT

2007 Meyer East, NM

2007 Edith Caldwell Gallery, CA

2006 David Armstrong/Chris Armstrong. Penn College, PA

2006 New Artists. Meyer/Munson, Santa Fe

2006 U.S. State Department's Art in Embassies Kyrgyzstan Exhibition

2005 David Armstrong'69 & Chris Armstrong'89 Bucknell University

2003 Three Generations Benefit Exhibition Eagles Mere, PA

2002 Water Painters. Paris, New York,Kent Gallery, CT

2001 The Armstrong's. Paris, New York, Kent Gallery, CT

1999 Group Exhibition B&S Gallery,PA

1997 Benefit (Camp Victory) Exhibition Boone Gallery, PA

NCPA Conservancy Show B&S Gallery,PA

1996 Armstrong: Three Generations. Boone Gallery, PA

Women: the Artist's View Bennington Art Museum, VT

1995 Armstrong: Three Generations Rose Gallery, CT

Women: the Artist's View Bennington Art Museum, VT

1993 MVP Exhibition Washington Square East Gallery, NYC


Museums and Public Collections

Fidelity Investments

Geisinger Hospital Corp.

Bennington Fine Art Museum

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