Gallery statement

Taylor | Graham is one of the most diverse and unique galleries in the world. We expertly handle American and European paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, covering all major and minor movements from Academic, Impressionist, Symbolist, Expressionist, Tonalist, and Modernist to Post-War and Contemporary. The gallery is distinguished by our museum-quality sculpture, also covering the above periods. As well, we selectively work with vintage and contemporary photography.



WINTER 2019 

As Spring begins, we plan to mount an inaugural exhibition of the French Postwar painter François Aubrun, an artist whose estate and life’s work we are proud to represent.


April brings the opening of The Photography Show presented by AIPAD. We are excited to announce our inaugural exhibition at the fair. We will be taking a Project Space to showcase the newest work by Formento & Formento.


As the market has become surprisingly buoyant this winter, we are turning attention toward bolstering our Impressionist and Modern offerings, working more with photography and forward-looking media on the Contemporary front, and strengthening, as always, our commitment to acquiring quality works of sculpture.