Jane Peterson American, 1876-1965


Jane Peterson is admired and praised for developing an individualistic style, bold color combinations and for creatively constructing unique designs in masterfully rendered avenues of paint.  Her canvases that intermingle Fauvist and Impressionist tendencies with academic drawing rank among her finest canvases and works on paper. 

In 1925, The New York Times characterized Peterson as “one of the foremost women painters in New York.” Known for her colorful, post-impressionist paintings of Gloucester streets and harbor on Cape Ann; palm trees along the Florida coast; street scenes in Paris, Istanbul and New York City; boating views in Venice, Italy and elsewhere, Peterson also flamboyantly executed floral subjects and dynamic genre-like-portraits.  She was given over 80 one-woman exhibitions and was recognized as a uniquely talented painter of distinction before her death on August 14, 1965.

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