Hsiao Chin Taiwanese, b. b. 1935


In the early 1960’s, Chin’s work acknowledges the abstract expressionist movements but more importantly he had just returned from an extensive trip to Spain where he had received a grant from the Spanish government to be there from 1956 to 1957.  In Barcelona he forms a relationship with artists such as Antoni Tapies and the El Paso Group.  In 1959 he moves on to Milan and is aligned with highly avant-garde Italian artists Lucio Fontana, Roberto Crippa, Enrico Castellani and Pierre Manzoni.  He exhibits with the Giorgio Marconi gallery while there.

Chin is an intriguing and important artist and it is clear that more scholarship will be put into his work in upcoming years.  He is a part of a handful of artist who at this time traveled in very International circles and it informed their own abstract art moving forward.

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