Corporate art

When it comes to corporate consulting, Taylor | Graham understands the power of aesthetics in communicating your company's ethos to the world. As a public relations tool, art conveys style and good taste to clients, partners, and employees alike. It enhances environments and sparks discussion.


Between our strong relationships with established contemporary artists, rich and diverse body of inventory, and knowledge of the contemporary art market, Taylor | Graham offers our corporate clients a well-rounded, personal, and holistic approach to the acquisition of fine art. We work with your budget and vision to select pieces that work not just within your space, but far beyond it. 


While Taylor | Graham's primary area of Corporate collecting expertise centers around commercial spaces in the Manhattan area, our placements can be found in large offices, private firms, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels across the globe. To our local and regional clients we offer white-glove on-approval services, wherein buyers may live with the art they plan to purchase prior to making a final decision. 

  • Painting
    More than just adornments for your office walls, two-dimensional works of art express moods and reveal new ways of seeing. Between our secondary-market acquisitions and... Read more
  • Sculpture
    Sculpture is a particularly evocative medium as it has the potential to define a three-dimensional space. The living artists we represent, Bill Barrett and Roger... Read more
  • Photography
    Photography, and in particular large-scale photography, is a medium that is well-suited to Corporate environments. Sleek and refined, photographs are the ideal complements to a... Read more