Jean Lambert-Rucki French, 1888-1967


Beginning in 1930 Jean Lambert-Rucki, a Polish avant-garde artist, sculptor, and graphic designer became one of the pioneers of Modern Religious Art. Over the course of his career Lambert-Rucki worked in a number of different styles including Cubism, the Tribal Arts of Africa, and Primitivism.


Salon d’Automne, 1913, 1919

Galerie L’Effort Moderne, 1919, 1923 (solo)

Salon des Indépendents, 1920-

Section d’Or Group, 1920, 1922-1924

Léonce Rosenberg Gallery, 1924-

International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, 1925

L’Union des Artistes Modernes, 1930-

Salon des Tuileries, 1933-

Pavilion de L’Union des Artistes Moderne, L’Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1937

Galerie Drouant-David, 1942 (solo), 1943, 1954 (solo)

Salon des artistes-Décorateurs, 1949

Renaissance Gallery, Paris, 1950

Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, 1958

Museums and Public Collections

Musée d’Art Moderne ,Paris

Musée des Années

Musée d’Ėvreux

Musée Départemental de l’Oise 

Musée de la Ville

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