Gary Komarin American, b. 1951


Gary Komarin is a contemporary American artist who was born in 1951 in New York. He is known for his unique and expressive abstract paintings that incorporate a range of techniques and materials and is characterized by a sense of energy, movement, and spontaneity, as well as a bold use of color and shape.

One of the most striking features of Komarin's paintings is his use of a limited color palette. His works often feature just a few dominant colors, which he applies with a loose and gestural brushstroke. This creates a sense of depth and texture, as well as a feeling of dynamism and movement. Komarin's paintings are often quite large, which allows the viewer to fully appreciate the interplay of color and form.

Another hallmark of Komarin's style is his use of various materials and techniques to create texture and depth in his paintings. He often incorporates elements such as sand, plaster, or other materials to create a tactile quality to his work. This creates a sense of physicality and adds an extra dimension to his paintings. Komarin also uses a range of brush techniques, from thick impasto to delicate glazes, to create a variety of textures and effects.

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