Formento & Formento American/British, b. 1964 & 1975

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Taylor|Graham is the exclusive representative for Formento & Formento in New York City. The husband and wife team BJ & Richielle Formento work in series that they shoot in specific locations. These series conduct explorations on femininity, specifically the extent to which it is circumscribed by cultural and political boundaries. The title of a given photograph represents the name of the model pictured.Important to the understanding of each piece is the series of which it is a part; these photographs must be considered within the context of their larger serial narratives.


Their photographs are available in both 30 x 45-inch and 40 x 60-inch sizes. 30 x 45-inch Photographs are printed in editions of twelve, and 40 x 60-inch Photographs are printed in editions of seven; as editions progress and sell out, prices increase. Prices are subject to change with the sale of each work within a given edition.


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