Henry Moore British, 1898-1986


Henry Spencer Moore, the most important British sculptor of the 20th century as well as the most celebrated post-war sculptor, is renowned for his semi-abstract monumental sculptures that are notable as public works of art globally. His forms, typically abstractions of the human figure depicting reclining figures, are usually of a mother and child. The most famous and influential sculptor of his generation, Moore was heavily influenced by non-Western art that he viewed first-hand in the ethnographic collections of the British Museum. Although sculpture was his primary medium, Moore was also known as a fine draughtsman. Commissioned as a war artist Moore drew powerful images of the inhabitants of London who took shelter in the underground tubes during the bleak bombing days and nights of the Blitz during World War II. These drawings have been interpreted as metaphors for the stoic resistance of the British people and helped to boost the international reputation of Moore.

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