Carl Vilhelm Meyer Danish, 1870-1938


Carl Vilhelm Meyer was born in Denmark in 1870 to a shoemaker and his wife. He is known for his portraits of children, scenes of Danish homes and country life, Mother-and-child compositions, and farm landscapes. He began painting in the 1890s and continued to do so throughout the early 1930s, prior to his death in 1938. He traveled to Italy, Switzerland, and Paris in 1927 to study the work of the Old Masters and tour the cultural institutions of Europe. He taught at the Technical School of Copenhagen from 1910-1937. The Kunstindeks Danmark notes that Meyer was "perceived as a 'gray' painter but was in fact a lyrical colourist who also understood to utilize the mood-bearing and symbolic characteristics of the light to give human beings human dignity in the midst of the gloomiest surroundings." Gradually, Meyer's palette became lighter, and he found a freer, more modern, picturesque expression.


Bookstore Magnus A. Schultz, Aalborg, 1894

Charleville, Spring 1898-1939

KE 1907-1912

Munich, 1909

Landsudst, Arhus, 1909

Nordivsk Kunststøvene, Aalborg, 1933

Artists Unite, 1934, 1935-7, 1942 (retrospectives)

Associated Artisans, Charlborg, 1952

Aarhus, 1946

Esbjerg, 1946

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