Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemet French, 1843-1918


Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemet was a most successful painter during the last quarter of the 19th century in France. Guillemet was known to paint in Normandy, and our picture could potentially have been painted there. Guillemet was a skilled painter who exhibited throughout his lifetime at the Salons of Paris. He was admired while still alive by both conservative and liberal critics alike. Many of his paintings that he showed at the Salons are now in French museums. Guillemet was a close friend of Jean-Baptiste Emile Corot, the leading painter of the Barbizon School of landscape painting, whom he called "Papa".  He numbered Renoir, Monet, and Berthe Morisot as his friends. He also was known to travel and to paint alongside the likes of Charles Daubigny and Henri Harpignies, another member of the Barbizon School whose career interfaced with the new avant-garde school of painting known as Impressionism. Guillemet's innovative use of brighter colors, his individualistic handling of paint, and his more experimental approach to landscape painting will help him to assume his rightful place as one of the leading painters of his time when the re-appraisal of 19th century landscape painting is more fully explored.    


Salons of Paris 1865-1918

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