François Aubrun: L'Atelier Du Silence – Greenwich CT

In his awareness of this solitude, François Aubrun painted without cease for sixty long years until the end of his life in 2009. From the studio he installed in the church of Saint-Joseph at Le Tholonet, next door to Cézanne's studio and overlooking Mont Sainte-Victoire, he expressed the inexpressible: the transparency of the morning mist “when in the morning it is more heavy than the sky above, and throughout the day all turns around until it is the sky that is heavier.” His art is profoundly Naturalist. He searched the ever-changing sky for its “liquidity”—by which he meant “the feminine, the river, the Seine, the mists on Mont Sainte-Victoire…” in order to evoke all its light, and all its silence.