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Opening Tuesday evening, November 29th, the fair runs daily through Sunday December 4th
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Taylor Graham will install a stunning and futuristic selection of 13 cast and laminated resin sculptures by West coast artist Vasa Velizar Mihich (b. 1933). Mihich pioneered this realm to a great extend along with other artists from the Light and Space movement in California such as Peter Alexander and Fred Eversley in the 1960’s and 1970’s. To see these works mounted as an installation is significant and rare as Mihich consistently sold each work as it was produced and they are rarely seen in such a display. These sculptures are becoming highly sought after in the market and are rare.

Complimenting our installation of works by Mihich, we will be exhibiting paintings and works on paper by Larry Poons, Gene Davis, Carl Holty, Jane Piper, Sally Michel and March Avery, and Cleve Gray. Other sculpture will be on view including works by Harry Bertoia, Ibram Lassaw, Antoine Poncet, and Jerome Kirk. Booth AM416