Taylor | Graham


The gallery guarantees that all works of art offered for sale are authentic and as represented.



On Approval

Works may be tried on approval for up to three days. The gallery can expertly arrange shipping and delivery, either by our own Transport service or by third party.



All invoices pertaining to a purchase must be paid in full prior to shipping.

Credit cards are accepted as payment on a case-by-case basis. Payments made by credit card are subject to an additional 3.2% processing fee. 



We ship both domestically and internationally at the most reasonable rates available, utilizing both our own transport van as well as our network of trustworthy third-party air, sea, and ground couriers to establish the most cost-effective and convenient arrangements for our clients.  For the most detailed information on the shipping services we offer, please visit our transport page. 




While the gallery seldom purchases works outright, exceptional works present special cases. The gallery does not make standing offers. If the gallery agrees to make an offer, the seller must be in a position to respond immediately. The gallery reserves the right to receive the work before making payment. Costs associated with transport to the gallery in these cases are the responsibility of the seller.


The gallery does not purchase or accept the following: prints, limited edition prints, lithographs, etchings, most posthumous bronze castings, or artist submissions of any kind.



The gallery accepts consignments on a highly discriminating basis. Consignments are structured using either a percentage agreement or net agreement. The gallery agrees to insure all consigned works from  point of entry to point of exit under our comprehensive fine arts insurance policy. In the event of a sale, consignors are typically paid out in under 15 days.


For clients who wish to sell back previous purchases made at the gallery, we will take those works on consignment on a case-by-case basis. We try at the very least to net the owner an amount equal to their original investment; however, this is not always possible given shifting market conditions.



The gallery does not offer appraisals or valuations, written or verbal, for works that were not previously purchased from or consigned to us. The gallery provides complimentary insurance appraisals for all purchased works.



The gallery allows clients on a case-by-case basis to trade in works they have previously purchased from us as credit toward new purchases. The price paid for the trade-in is credited against the retail price of the work being acquired. This consideration is given only on works originally owned by the gallery, toward works owned by the gallery.



Advisory services are available to clients wishing to buy at auction or to broker, negotiate, advise, and transact purchases from other sources. Fees are pre-negotiated. There is a flat advisory fee in the event that a client is not successful in their purchase; this fee depends on the travel expense and research invested in the case. 


Advisory services include consultation on quality, condition, framing, and market analysis. The gallery will execute purchases and oversee delivery, framing, restoration, and any other services the work(s) may require.