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Boris Lovet-Lorski was born in Lithuania in 1894. He entered the Royal Academy in Petrograd to train to be an architect. His sculptures combine the influences from his architectural background with such other influences as Art Deco as well as other modern, tribal, oriental, and ancient motifs. The results are a wonderfully distinct mixture of originality and style. Such a combination of unique and unusual artistry of design with a pleasing breath of originality quickly brought an audience of critical acclaim and resulted in his first one-man show in Boston in 1925. Coincidentally Lovet-Lorski became an American citizen that very same year.  He next traveled to Wisconsin to teach at the Milwaukee Art Institute. While there he developed an ever-widening reputation which brought eventually and ultimately him to New York where he began to exhibit at the Wildenstein Gallery in 1928. His time spent in Hollywood in the 1930’s where he designed portraits and busts of celebrated people, high society figures, actors, and musicians elevated his reputation to a glamorous position of distinction. His success can be measured by his ability to maintain studios simultaneously in New York, Rome, and Paris.


Massol, Paris June 2009