One Herald Plaza (Downtown Miami), December 4 - 9, 2018


Poncet is an abstract sculptor in the tradition of Jean Arp and Constantin Brancusi.  Many of Poncet’s forms are derived from nature and are pared down to display the beauty or voluptuousness of a form or the essence of a movement. His sculpture shows distinct similarities to the work of Jean Arp, with whom Poncet worked closely from 1953-1955.


Poncet believes that movement is essential in good sculpture, and he strives for a breathless balance in his work, so that as you look at it, you feel that with a gentle push, the piece would fall. As Poncet explained:


The movement is essential in my quest. Everything is moving in nature, in life. We must go all the way, trying to search the balance. Maintaining this balance is essential for the sculpture…


The Artist

Private Collection, New York (acquired directly from the above)

Waddington Galleries, Montreal, No. S5634N label to the marble base

The Estate of Bryan Pearson, Iqaluit, First Mayor of Iqaluit, the Capitol of Nunavut


Jianou, Ionel, Antoine Poncet, Paris: Arted, Les grands sculpteurs, 1975, cat. no. 147, p.78