Julian Stanczak American, 1928-2018


A leading artist of Op Art, Julian Stańczak (b. 1928 Borownica, Poland – d. 2017 Ohio, United States) created from the 1960s a dynamic and joyous oeuvre. The term Op Art itself was coined by The Times after his first major show, Julian Stańczak: Optical Paintings, held at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York, 1964.

Influenced by his teacher Josef Albers, Russian Suprematism and Constructivism, Stańczak wanted to achieve an extreme sensory experience for the viewer. His abstract compositions are full of vibrating colours and optical illusion. Stańczak was interested in the emotions that colour can evoke, which are personal and unique to each viewer, hoping to provide an ultimately uplifting experience.

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