Antonio Grediaga Kieff Canadian/Spanish, b. 1936


Kieff is known for his monumental works as well as his mid-size pieces, most of which are editions of 9 (though some are editions of 3, 6, and 15). They are typically mounted to black marble bases, the artist’s signature. Kieff’s works are fabricated at his proprietary foundry in Quebec, Canada.


Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv, Israel (1977)

National Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan (1988)

Chiang Kai-Shek Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (1988)

Centre d'Art Ozias Leduc, St. Hilaire, Quebec (1994)

Cultural Centre of Spain, Havana (1998 and 2002)

Emilio Bacardi Moreau Museum, Santiago de Cuba (2005)

National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba (2006)

Museum of the City, Madrid (2009)

Gallery Moos, Montreal

Dominion Gallery, Montreal

Galerie Bernard Desroches, Montreal

Wallack Galleries, Ottawa

David Findlay Galleries, New York

Martin Lawrence Gallery, New York

Pucker Safrai Gallery, Boston

Kenmore Galleries, Philadelphia

Hokin Gallery, Chicago

Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami

Klabal Gallery, Minneapolis

Dubose Gallery, Houston

Maxwell Gallery, San Francisco

Ross Lawrence Gallery, Beverly Hills

Alwin Gallery, London, England

O'Hana Gallery, London, England

Safrai Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Minami Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Public Commissions

Bullfighting Fan (iron), Plaza Vieja, Havana, Cuba

Reclining Woman (bronze), Southfield, Michigan

The Three Graces (bronze), Southfield, Michigan

Je me souviens (20 x 12 mural), Cultural Center, Saint Bruno, Quebec

Folk Allegory (bronze), Cultural Center, Saint Bruno, Quebec

Totem (bronze) city hall, Saint Bruno, Quebec

Totem 86 (bronze), Crescent Street, Montreal

The Turning Point (iron and aluminum), Columbus Circle, New York City [outdoor kinetic installation at the International Art Expo, 1980] 

Folklore no. 22 (bronze), Weight Watchers Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota Folklore no. 22 A (bronze), The Paragon Group, Dallas, Texas 

Genesis XI (bronze), Blossom Music Center, Cleveland, Ohio

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